This ministry has never been about Sunday morning teachings or Church, as we know it. The ministry is truly about the transformation of the lives of people, providing a “New Beginning” for those who feel the need for a fresh and new start. No this is not recovery ministry, but rather a ministry of restoration, restoring men to fellowship with God. The equipping of people is vital toward their success, the provision of avenues of training, support, fellowship, and discipleship is truly necessary for the complete transformation of people.

Our goal while lofty in the eyes of man is more than achievable with Kingdom dynamics at play. We do not desire to simply provide people with a spiritual meal, and occasional snack to pick them up and proceed to throw them back into the fire. No what we desire is to Empower, Equip, and Enable people through training, teaching and more to become productive, confident, successful people. This process in a traditional Church setting, if and when possible can take years, yet with the help and support of many it can begin in weeks, months, or even days. Please take a few moments and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you as you read the process, see if it makes sense, pray about joining us, or supporting us in any way, this vision takes people, people called and committed to Kingdom Building. Following is a brief description of each facet of a multi tiered ministry based out of the Church, each with a particular and essential function. I view each of the following as gateways for the purposes of allowing people to use their God given gifts and talents. In addition each gateway leads to a path of connection, connecting people to the God who created them, the Savior who saved them, and the Holy Spirit that will empower them.

* The Church

Think of the Church as the first gate through which all enter, the first step. Our role is to introduce the people to an opportunity for a New Beginning founded upon the Word of God, Salvation through Jesus Christ, and Transformation by His Spirit that leads to walking in the fullness of the power of God, the making of disciples that make disciples. The Church is here to provide Spiritual covering, and oversight while not inhibiting the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but rather partnering with Him. Those who choose to do so will first be led to salvation through Christ Jesus, and secondly encouraged to connect in any one of the many facets of the ministry, to go through the next gate. Following you will find a brief description of just a few of the gateways to discipleship at NBEC.

* Motivate A Training center designed with two primary branches, interconnected and dependent upon one another: Understanding of the Word of God, (the Spiritual), and Trade school, (the physical).

The Spiritual- Each student will be taught how to study and apply the Word of God to every aspect of their lives: understanding salvation, and the commitment required toward maintaining a healthy Spirit led relationship with God and man. They will also be taught the Biblical principles of business and most importantly of being a great employee. Developing good character, dressing the part, being men and women of integrity, and more. Those called to a career in ministry will be provided the opportunity to be adequately trained to fulfill their calling.

The Physical- Each student will be taught a trade of their choosing. With the extreme need for men and women in the trades the value of trained workers has become an extreme commodity. By learning trades such as Building Maintenance, Construction, Painting, Electrical, Engine Repair, Sewing, Secretarial Skills, Sales etc. each student will be fully equipped and able to find ample employment. Those who choose to begin their own businesses will be encouraged and adequately trained to do so.

* The Gathering Place Fellowship outside of the Church is absolutely essential to the success and growth of people and ministry, hence the need for the “Gathering Place”. My desire is to have a building accessible to the community, a business run by our students of Motivate. A place providing a warm and friendly atmosphere, coffee, a variety of refreshments sandwiches, and pastry products, etc., all at the very highest of quality yet affordable. With free Internet, Christian resource center, possibly meeting rooms, and regular visits from Christian Artists, both local and world renown. The focus being of course not simply fellowship but outreach as well. The world has many views of Christians, yet few people view us as normal, educated, friendly, loving, and non-judgmental, all of which we are and should be. It is my belief that this branch of the ministry is truly one of the most powerful and rewarding, yielding great harvests, another gateway.

* Outreach The plethora of opportunities to reach out to our community is endless; from feeding the homeless, ministering to the widows and orphans, to praying for people in hospitals and so much more. Every Student of Motivate will be required to spend a yet to be determined amount of time serving in Outreach ministry. The how, what, when, and where are to be designed, implemented, and reviewed by those who are over this gateway. The goal is to allow the Holy Spirit to birth a vision and watch as He leads and we walk alongside those who He has called in fulfilling their role in the Kingdom. Fellowship, Confidence, faith, Testimony, and Salvation are just a few of the fruits of this ministry.

* Helping Hands The amount of waste in the United States is beyond description and unfortunately deplorable. Yet millions go hungry or poorly clothed each and every day, it is truly shameful. By providing opportunities for people both to give and to receive will provide yet another gateway for the ministry of bringing people to a place of a “New Beginning”, a place of Hope. Our desire is not that this would be looked upon as a lesser than ministry but rather and equal to ministry, as all are. Our goal is to provide, food, clothing, school supplies, tutoring, furnishings and more as the Lord leads particularly to the widows and orphans. Again each Motivate Student will be required to serve for a yet to be determined amount of time, as we expose them to the many facets of needs in our community and beyond.

* A.C.T.S. (Advancing Community Transformation through Salvation) To describe the gateway of A.C.T.S. in a paragraph, a page, or even a book would be impossible; it is a forever expanding and influential gateway to the community. I do have available for those interested some examples of the many of the opportunities available through A.C.T.S. However following is the gateway in a nutshell: by using the students of Motivate we develop low overhead, businesses with comparably low cost investments in order to provide employment to students and members of the community. This gateway will provide students for Motivate as well, for those seeking employment again will be required to be students. Services such as lawn care, maintenance, baby sitting, day care, tutoring, thrift store, recycling of cars, boats etc., and much more will be birthed from this gateway. As the Lord places it upon the hearts of qualified leaders, businesses from their field of expertise will be birthed. Community connection, testimony, discipleship, responsibility, business practices, and on the job training, are just a few of the fruits of this ever expanding gateway.

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