Worship: Our worship style is a blend of contemporary and inspired songs from old led by the Spirit. Our desire is to truly praise and worship our God as opposed to being entertained.

Teaching: (1 Timothy 4) The Word of God is the foundation of every message at New Beginnings. We believe the Word is more powerful than any two-edged sword. With over 30 years of experience teaching the Word of God, Pastor Gene loves to blend the practical, the humorous, and the leading of the Spirit in order to deliver a message that by the power of the Spirit will minister to each and every one in attendance. The bottom line is, we depend on the Holy Spirit to inspire every message, for it truly is all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Signs of Belief: The book of Mark in chapter 16 says there are signs that follow believers, miraculous signs: healings, deliverance, power over the enemy, and more. We expect and anticipate these signs, and just as Paul said, "God is not the author of confusion" (1 Corinthians 14:33) and all things will be done in order as prescribed in the Word of God. Opportunity for prayer is given at every service, baptism is available as needed, and Communion will occur the first service of every month.

Discipleship: An integral part of the growth of every believer is discipleship, and we at New Beginnings are committed to training, teaching, discipling believers, and the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4). The Word tells us everyone has gifts; these gifts are given by God for the "Work of the Ministry." Our goal is to help identify these gifts in every believer, to train them, teach them, and equip them to use their gifts for the glory of God.

Community: We are members of the community of the greater Ft Walton Beach area yet also a much larger community: a community of believers, followers of Christ. We desire and believe in fellowship, teaching, and accountability (Hebrews 10:19–25). New Beginnings is best described as a community of believers who gather together to share in what the Lord has accomplished in their lives, to encourage, fellowship, and partner together in life.

The Gifts of the Spirit: Opportunity will be given at every gathering for the body to grow and benefit from the gifts given by God to His people. We expect healing, deliverance,  prophecy, words of knowledge, wisdom, faith, and more as described in 1 Corinthians 12. All things will be done in order, as "God is not the author of confusion." However, fear should never dictate man's actions, but rather men should walk in faith.

Children and Youth: We at New Beginnings are committed to the "training up of children in the way they should go", all children. Therfore just as with adults we depend upon the Holy Spirit to inspire and lead our teachers and ministers to train up the youth and provide quality teachings infused with activities that keep the attention of young minds. Special needs children and youth are always welcome and made to feel welcome at New Beginnings, come as you are.

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